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Writing Outside of Who You Are by DuEwa Frazier

When I was an MFA student in New York City, I took a workshop with an instructor who was uncomfortable with the idea of a writer creating characters who are a different ethnicity than the writer. At the time I was working on two stories featuring characters who were of diverse backgrounds.

The ethnicity of the character is not an issue to me. But the perspective that you can’t write outside of who you are *does.* This is an issue that arose in my workshop at the time, back in 2010 or 2011. My instructor believed that you shouldn’t do it because today’s publishing industry won’t allow it.

Now it’s 2016 and as tensions boil over in our society related to race, gender, class – as we struggle to reach common ground and teach our children to have respect for difference, writers are in a unique position to help heal and close the gaps.  Read this entire blog at

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DuEwa Frazier is a writer, speaker, educator and performer. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, she is the author and/or editor of several books including two teen novels - Quincy Rules and Deanne in the Middle and her most recent volume of poetry, Goddess Under the Bridge: Poems. She is a frequent guest author, poet and speaker at arts venues, schools, and colleges. DuEwa is also a producer of performing arts and literary events. Follow her on Twitter @duewaworld and View all posts by DuEwa Frazier →


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